March of the Musky Minotaurs

Nerd Trek II

Into the Woods

Five of the group set out for Fond du Lac and three, Igor, Monoke Hime and The Hamburglar stayed behind at the temple to help the Friar seal and cleanse the area. The intrepid group headed down the rough path. They became stuck between three cubs and their mother and had no choice to kill her when she attached.

The Nerds did have a choice in their next encounter. Olaf der Grosse, who stayed up for guard duty, noticed a flicker of the campfire in the woods. He woke up Pope Maurice IV and they crept closer and found four goblins around a campfire. They reported back to the group and all of them set out to the goblin encampment. They surrounded the goblins and were waiting on word from Lilith, who spoke goblin, to decide what to do. Despite hearing nothing of consequence, Lilith The Sanguinary launched at them with full rage. The others followed suit and massacred the defenseless goblins. They found a milky-white orb among the bodies and snatched it.

They finished their night’s sleep at the goblin camp and Dudley fell asleep. The next day they happened on a farm just as the path turned into a usable road. The farmer and his son offered food and shelter for some help on the farm. In the middle of the night while asleep, the orb started glowing and heating up. It warmed up enough to wake up Jessica. He awoke the whole group just as zombies burst into the barn. A safe retreat, two dead horses and broken ankles later, they were victorious. They savior weapon turned out to be a Staff of Radiance, which combined the orb with the staff of the Zombie Lord. They also found 16 coins among the ashes of the zombies.

The next day they stayed at a farm and lucked out by getting a ride on a supply cart. They made it to Fond du Lac and found Jill tending bar at Missy’s, a tavern and boarding house. The next morning, they visited Father Ned and asked about the staff. He couldn’t read the script on it, but sensed it was ancient and powerful. He didn’t see anything magical about the coins despite they having the same stylized writing style as the staff. They next went to an armorer, who agreed to make a set of armor and a weapon for each member of the party in exchange for 10 of the 16 coins.


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